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    Hey everyone, hope I’m posting in the right place.

    Basically, I run a Music site on Blogger – – and i’m wondering whether or not to move to WordPress.

    As the site has become more popular, I feel limited by the fact that blogger can only have one feed, as ideally i would like to have several sections, all on the front page; one for reviews, one for features / playlists, and one with a constant stream of new music. Blogger only allows me to put everything on the single stream, so i’ve been avoiding things like writing news / sharing single tracks because those minor posts would take the place of more important ones.

    I’m quite keen on the aesthetic of the blogger site though, and would like something similar for the WordPress site. I understand nothing of coding / technology, so Blogger’s easy-to-customise aesthetic is great for me, really allowed me to get the site looking how I wanted without much trouble.

    So i guess my question is, should i move to wordpress to get a more professional-feeling site? Would it be able to do the things i can’t do on blogger? and would i be able to set it up (the site itself and the transfer of posts from blogger) without knowing much about coding / computers?

    Thanks so much for reading, I’d be interested in any opinions.

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  • sitespeed


    Yes , it is definitely possible. You can post a job for this on and then expert guys will do it for you, if you are fine with that.



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    You can definitely do what you want (and more no doubt) with WordPress. And yes, you can learn to do all of it yourself – though there will likely be a learning curve. But lots of people have done it, so don’t assume that you need to hire someone if you are willing to learn and take some time with it. These may be helpful:

    If you have questions or problems along the way, these forums are a good place to get some help :).

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