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  1. chackowsky
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am maintaining about 25 WordPress sites on an IIS7 server, all of which look like
    Each site has a similar but not identical theme. Each site has the same version of WordPress installed, and uses the same bunch of plugins and widgets (again, installed per site). Each site has an associated MySQL database (site1db, site2db, etc.). Each site has multiple users, blog categories, user pages, user posts, user media. A particular user may have an account with the same username and password on two or more sites (necessitated by active directory authentication).
    1. Should I be using multi-site?
    2. Should I have one big database instead of one database per site?
    It would be nice if I could have only ONE copy of WordPress, and ONE folder of plugins for all the sites (for maintenance purposes).

    Thanks, WordPress team.


  2. If you were starting new, I'd say use Mulitisite.

    That you have multiple users per site ... Eeeeeeh. It's a mother to import them (unless they've all made posts and are cool with loosing passwords)

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