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  • I am fairly new to WP, but have been creating sites for years now. So naturally I have loads of questions regarding WP, so I thought I would get more involved in your forums. I believe this is my first goes.

    I have a large library/index type of website. For example, I have nearly 3,000 items listed in alphabetic order. Such as 100 in category A, 200 in category B and so on. Now each category, or letter (A-Z) is a single page with all the appropriate listings, aka one large post.

    My question is hopefully a simple one. What are the Pros & Cons of listing one large post with many different ‘entries’ or ‘listings’, rather than making that one large post into many small posts?

    My website is for a more visual example. I appreciate any feedback, thank you.

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    Small posts may offer your visitors the opportunity to use a search to locate exactly what they need rather than having to wade through very long pages to find the info.

    Yes good point, I have thought about that. When I do search for a term, I will get a few posts and because they are so long, I have no idea where the keyword is located.

    Anymore feedback is greatly appreciated.

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