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    I’ve been reading the forums trying to figure out if I should dive in now. I am new to WP. I am currently using and wish to switch to WP. I was about to make the switch back in mid-December when I found out WP2.0 was imminently due. So I held off. I have already had some oddities in the WP2.0 install I’ve been testing. My issue is I don’t know how quickly WP goes through update cycles and how hard it is to do minor updates.

    So my question is: “Is there going to be an bug fix update real soon now for WP2.0?” If that is likely then I’ll hold off and just play with WP2.0 in a test domain. If WP2.0 is stable and note likely to be further updated for months then I’ll go ahead with WP2.0.


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  • The “when” regarding new releases/updates is always a mystery 🙂
    Many of us expect a “bugfix” 2.0.x version – but nobody cann tell when it will happen.
    You can continue to play with the test install 2.0 or you could install the very stable 1.5.2 if you want it now. But, ultimately, it’s your decision.

    Aye, I hear you. I did install WP1.5.2 on one of my test domains. I would be interested to hear from others regarding how long it usually takes to shake out the initial bugs. Ideally that is what beta’s for but more always seem to crop up at the gold release.

    I haven’t had any problems, but I’m just using a basic installation of WP2 with a Kubrick Theme. I just installed, so maybe some of those early bugs were fixed by the time I downloaded WP2.

    I say use it. It’s stable, just has a few bugs.

    Installed. WP2.0 is treating me well, and I it. 🙂 So far. The WYSIWYG editor doesn’t work for me (I use Safari) but that is not a big deal as I would rather use a program on my computer for composition as it has spell checking and I do the HTML as I type anyways. The Image Upload is not working at all. Apparently a lot of people are having trouble with that from what I’ve read here in the forums. The -> WP2.0 translater is great. Overall I like WP2.0.

    A number of people, including me, can’t get outgoing trackbacks to work with 2.0. I regret having upgraded for that reason.

    I would say no. Wait till all the current bugs have been fixed. 2.0 was released too early IMO.

    1.5.2 is a piece of class. Logically, I’d install 1.5.2 and wait three months, but that isn’t necessarily in the interests of advancement.

    Ask yourself the most important question: do you really need the new features in V2? Version 1.5.2 is very stable and secure, so why compromise that?

    I’ve installed v2 (three different domains) and am liking it so far. Thanks for the feedback.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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