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  • Hello everyone, I’m installing wp on my godaddy domain right now, and I have a choice to install it in a root directory or subdirectory? Is installing in one of them better than installing in the other, or it doesn’t make any difference? I would appreciate any advice, thank you.

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  • I am a huge fan of the strategy described in this piece of documentation:
    It gives you the best of both worlds: WordPress in a subdirectory, yet visitors type in just the domain name to get to your blog (or whatever you decide to use as the WordPress home page).

    Why not just put WordPress in the root and be done with it?

    1. It is easy to get confused and accidentally delete other necessary files in the root when making a change to WordPress, thinking you just deleted a WordPress file;
    2. The above method allows really rapid switches from one WordPress instance to another, by having each in a subfolder, rather than one in the root.
    3. The above method encourages initial testing of WordPress in a subfolder, rather than the root, which reduces conflicts with index.html and other files in the root that take precedence on most hosts. Especially on a new domain where the web host has installed its own index.html as a placeholder.

    I think this just happened to me… when I try to access my website here is what I see:
    PHP Warning: require(./wp-blog-header.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Html\Users\userweb61863\Html\index.php on line 17 PHP Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘./wp-blog-header.php’ (include_path=’.;C:\php5\pear’) in D:\Html\Users\userweb61863\Html\index.php on line 17
    I tried to upload the php file again to no avail…. and I did delete the existing index file installed by the host.
    Should I move all the files to a subdirectory?
    Thanks for any help!

    Hi all,

    I installed WordPress on a subdirectory ( as this was given as good advice, but having done all the changing and migrating (Blogger to WP) I now want to change the address so that once I switch the DNS back from behind the scenes the site address is back to

    How do we do this?

    The guide above talks about giving WordPress its own subdirectory, but if you already installed it in a subdirectory how do you move your address back?

    I think you edit the url in the database to point back to the correct new location

    All the steps need to be done in order – (about 4) copy & modify your index.php into the root, copy .htaccess into root and change some dashboard settings – done carefully in sequence all is usually well –

    Hello Everyone.
    Another “newbie” here. The Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory document is very good. But my case is just a bit different, unless I’ve missed something. A little background. I run a small… er, micro publishing company. Before reading this I thought that I’d like to have a different WordPress iteration for each author I represent, all linked to a static/standard html home page. So I went ahead and install my first iteration (first author) to a subdirectory and have been merrily adding content. Then I realized that I could use WordPress to make a static home page. So what I want to do is to keep everything I’ve done, but create a static home page in the root directory based on the same template without messing up what I’ve done.

    According to what I am reading I can keep the current WP installation in the subdirectory and just change the Blog Address to the root directory URL (step 4 in the above document) and save changes (step 5). I can skip step 6 because the core files are already installed in the subdirectory I want them in. Then I need to execute steps 7-11 (not sure I have permalinks or not. How would I know?

    Does the above sound correct? And will it screw up the content I have created in the subdirectory?
    thanks for the help.

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