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Should I go multisite

  • Hi all,

    This is one of these questions again and I know this is answered by many website and this is why I come to you since I have read soooo much about it that I don’t know anymore what to do!!!

    My plan is very simple to be honest, I’m launching a gaming website which will have one main forum (vBulletin) and multiple mini-sites via WordPress . The accounts link will be done with vBSSO which works on Multisite.

    The structure would be :

    http://www.domain.com -> main page taking every piece of news from every mini-site.
    game1.domain.com -> main mini-site with information and news about game1
    game2.domain.com -> main mini-site with information and news about game2

    According to most tutorials I read I do not need multisite but I wanted your opinion as I feel each mini-site is kind of independent.

    Much appreciated to have your opinions.

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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