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    I just installed WordPress with a brand new domain, no transferring.

    My site URL, and therefore permalinks (I have not posted yet, until this is fixed in the preview), is saying which is not the domain name I want to use. I’ve changed the WordPress URL successfully, already.

    Am I supposed to change the Site URL to my domain name, too? I don’t understand if I change this, am I losing the link that is hosting wordpress? I don’t want to accidentally delete anything, yet all info I have found is saying this is a subdirectory that shouldn’t be altered normally.

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  • It depends.

    How long about did the domain name get registered? I am assuming that you did not have to change the “Name Servers” by modifying the domain name registration later.

    If the answer is less than 72 hours, then you should wait before changing the Site URL. In fact, if it is less than 72 hours, the WordPress URL should still be numeric, too.

    Once the 72 hours is over, both Site URL and WordPress URL should be set to your domain name, assuming you installed WordPress in the root, not a subdirectory, which the numeric IP-based URL you gave indicates.

    Push Save for your Permalinks, even though you are not changing them, after you change Site URL and WordPress URL, “just to be sure”.

    Long answer to a short question, but the 72 hours is key to all this.

    Jonradio, Thanks for responding.

    It was four days ago that the domain was registered.

    Yes, I did need to change the nameservers which was done four days ago, too.

    Yes, both the WordPress URL and the Site URL were numeric. I just changed the WordPress URL to my domain name.

    Should I change it back to the numeric? It’s just barely at the 72 hours mark, so maybe I shouldn’t do anything?

    No, 72 hours is the absolute upper limit, so you are safe to change both to the domain name. Just be sure to Save Permalinks again right after, without actually making any changes to the structure (unless you want to)

    Thank you so much, Jonradio!

    It worked. I appreciate your time 🙂

    Glad it worked! It would also help if you could set this thread to Resolved to save others checking to be sure your questions were answered.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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