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Should I change my WordPress URL!? www vs non-www

  • I’ve had the same domain name for over a year. The previous website I had was just a basic site, not WordPress.

    In Google results that site would show the full url ‘http://www.domainname.com’ which I liked a lot.

    I’m in real estate and ALL my marketing materials and business cards have the www before the domain name.

    So… when I switched to WordPress (with Godaddy) all the domains being picked up in google are just the domainname.com

    Both domains work, but since most people WILL typing in the www (from advertisements), I would like to keep that.


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  • If the WordPress URL for my site is ‘domainname.com’ and I have all my business cards/marketing materials say ‘www.domainname.com’ and people visiting that way, will that hurt the SEO for my site?

    Look up 301 www htaccess redirects and alter your .htaccess file ( if doing so via ftp make sure all files are not hidden, as the ‘.’ makes a file invisible ) to direct all http://~~ to http://www/~~.

    If you had two sites one with and one without www, both with the same content, that would hurt SEO since one might be considered a duplicate: having one site with either, does not; provided only one way is the entry as above.

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    Absolutely no need to redirect non-www to www sites with .htaccess. Simply go into WordPress admin to the site settings and add the www. to your domain in Dashboard>>Settings>>General

    There’s no appreciable SEO difference in the two. People trying to go to the non-www site will be redirected to the www. domain by WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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