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  • I’ve had the same domain name for over a year. The previous website I had was just a basic site, not WordPress.

    In Google results that site would show the full url ‘’ which I liked a lot.

    I’m in real estate and ALL my marketing materials and business cards have the www before the domain name.

    So… when I switched to WordPress (with Godaddy) all the domains being picked up in google are just the

    Both domains work, but since most people WILL typing in the www (from advertisements), I would like to keep that.


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  • If the WordPress URL for my site is ‘’ and I have all my business cards/marketing materials say ‘’ and people visiting that way, will that hurt the SEO for my site?

    Look up 301 www htaccess redirects and alter your .htaccess file ( if doing so via ftp make sure all files are not hidden, as the ‘.’ makes a file invisible ) to direct all http://~~ to http://www/~~.

    If you had two sites one with and one without www, both with the same content, that would hurt SEO since one might be considered a duplicate: having one site with either, does not; provided only one way is the entry as above.

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    Absolutely no need to redirect non-www to www sites with .htaccess. Simply go into WordPress admin to the site settings and add the www. to your domain in Dashboard>>Settings>>General

    There’s no appreciable SEO difference in the two. People trying to go to the non-www site will be redirected to the www. domain by WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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