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  • I’m not really good at technical stuff, but I have used free wordpress themes though I’ve not made any customization on those. Well, I’m planning to build a new website on ‘work from home’ niche.

    I researched and found that Thesis theme is best in terms of design and seo. What surprises me is the cost of a developer version which is just about 164$. And it can be used in any number of websites.

    Here is my question:
    [*]Should I buy a Thesis personal version and hire a developer to customize it?
    [*]Since developers may already have license to thesis themes, should I just hire a developer directly? this may help me in saving the money from buying thesis theme.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Note: I’m NOT sure if this is the relevant category to post. So please apologize me and either intimate or move the thread directly to relavant category if i’m on wrong palce 😡


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  • If you’re concerned about $164 for a theme and you are concerned about price, don’t look at hiring a developer/designer! A good designer and/or devleoper will start at around $60 an hour, and go up from there. One large company that I’ve seen before was quoting around $200 an hour.

    If you are developing one website, then get the personal version and do whatever modifications you want to. If you’re running two or more the developer version might wotk out cheaper in the long run. I don’t believe that there would be much of a price difference if you went through a developer as they mostly work on a clients job a sa singular entity. This means that if you want to use this theme you’ll still have to provide the license fee for it.

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    We close posts like this because we don’t want to encourage anyone to chime in with a bid or solicit an offer from the OP.

    While the OP hasn’t made any offers, this is close enough.

    karthickk4, I suggest you do your research, price out your options and make a decision. That’s about as much advice for purchasing a commercial theme or hiring someone as you will get here.

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