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  • Okay so got my Fast Secure Contact Forms working and then added CFDB and got that working and then bought the Editor/Importer add-on and that worked great for importing my old db in!

    But now I am having issues getting the data to display. I have read a bunch of the documentation for shortcodes from the website but am still quite confused. I dont understand what the difference between cfdb-html, cfdb-table and cfdb-datatable are, and when I should use one versus the other.

    Also I just seem to keep getting a plain table (think black lines with text in it) with no formatting and no pagination and no sortable arrows or anything.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    [cfdb-table] gives a plain HTML Table

    [cfdb-datatable] gives a javascript-enabled table like the one here

    [cfdb-html] is a bit more complicated but flexible. You write the HTML you want the short code to output for each row. Where you want the values of your form field you put in notation like ${fieldname}

    from the documentation, if you wanted the short code to output an a pair of DIV tags for each row it might look like this:

    [cfdb-html form="blogs" show="name,title,blogtext" limit="10" orderby="Submitted desc"]
    <div class="your-headline-style">${name}: ${title}</div>
    <div class="your-content-style">${blogtext}</div>

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    PS, use the Short Code builder page in the admin menu to create short code, There is a test link on that page that will show you the output.

    Okay thanks, that is helpful. Makes much more sense now. And I did not see the test link before, so that is helpful too.

    But I am still just seeing a plain black and white table with no pagination and no sortable columns.


    How do I setup shortcode to display exactly like table displays in the Contact Form DB admin menu? Pagination works, and column sorting works and all the CSS must be there already.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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