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  • Update 2018-08-24:

    Have been using it on some blog posts. One negative is that it disables/blocks a number of plugins, especially ones located on the toolbar. Examples:
    – No click-to-tweet
    – No font-size dropdown
    – No special dividers
    – No font color choice dropdown

    Other issues:
    – Can’t change font size for a single word, but only for entire block
    – Can’t insert image within/beside text, but only in a block of its own
    – Can’t do advanced image customization or library work (I use a media library extension; completely missing in Gutenberg)

    I could go on, but you get the idea. I have given this a pretty good workout, and now I avoid using it. The loss of functionality is very frustrating. AND, I’ve been trying to diagnose some admin-side slowdowns, and the Gutenberg plug-in is part of the problem (slow queries).

    Will update again if anything changes.

    (Initial post)

    Installed the plugin, created a post with it. Some thoughts:

    • The interface takes a few minutes to figure out, but it’s not bad.
    • The experience is good if you want to do distraction-free writing. Fairly sparse until you move the mouse around.
    • Looks to be extensible. Can imagine multiple types of blocks being available as add-ins.

    Some negatives:

    • Feels very much like writing in Medium. The problem is, Medium can be very frustrating if you want to do something that isn’t part of the UI. Same here; I can see getting frustrated if I want to do something that I know how to do in the current editor, but cannot do in Gutenberg because it’s not part of the UI.
    • Certain parts of the UI are dumbed down from the current UI. For example, images: in the current UI I can choose a size, a placement, a caption, and so on. I added an inline image, and none of those seemed to be available. (And, if they ARE available, then you’ve got a discoverability problem.)
    • And finally, a huge loss of functionality for some of us. I have an editor add-on that does lots of interesting things, like different bullet shapes, different types of block quotes, and so on. Gutenberg took all of that away.

    If I was setting up a site for someone with little technical skill, this would probably be a good alternative, once they got the hang of it. But for anyone else, especially someone like myself who has worked on my site and customized it to where I want it, this is a big loss. It does not do as much as the page builder I have, and it does not do as much as the toolbar I have.

    I think you need to listen to the people on here, especially the people who make their living using the tools you have created, and make this a plugin. As others have said, if this becomes the only available option, I may have to look at alternatives.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thanks @bruceinlouisville for taking the time to leave a review. Can I ask a little more about your negative experience finding things within Gutenberg? What were you trying to do?

    You’ll be pleased to hear that media is being maintained to ensure functionality is as close to features that exist. This will bring things in I think from what you’re saying you want backc.

    Can I ask what add-on you use to bring that functionality?

    OK, some more detail.

    • Blockquotes – The theme I use has a number of blockquote styles. I have them saved in a dropdown in my editor add-on, so I can choose whichever one I want. Gutenberg allows for one.
    • Text size – Gutenberg allows for four sizes (S, M, L, XL). There’s a slider to do custom sizes, but it affects the entire block. Sometimes I want to affect only a single word.
    • Text color – I select a word inside a block, click the text color dropdown to the side, and choose a color. It affects the entire block, instead of just that word.
    • Colors – Limited to colors in the sidebar. No option for RGB or Hex.

    There are just a few of the limitations. Granted, I am an advanced user, and most people don’t push the functionality edge like I do. But that’s the point of the original review: For those of us who work the heck out of WordPress, Gutenberg will be a huge loss of functionality. I may be forced to look at another CMS, if it is required and not optional.

    And that’s another point. I understand, from some of the updates I’ve read, that eventually Gutenberg will extend to the entire publishing process. And perhaps that will be a good thing. But for me, the ability to make it optional on a post-by-post basis would be much preferred to having my entire publishing infrastructure changed and reduced.


    As to the plugin: I’ve been a long-time user of Josh Lobe’s WP Edit Pro. I’ve got my custom buttons set up, and all the shortcodes from my theme and other places saved as drop-ins from his Snidget button. (No idea where the name came from.)

    Having everything set up the way I want it leads to less friction in the writing / editing / publishing process, which is critical when you are running a news / commentary site. Josh’s plugin helps me get there. Gutenberg, on the other hand, feels like putting sand in the gears of the process.

    My $0.02. YMMV.


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