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  • blueplanetphoto


    When activating plugins, should the “Action” change from Activate to Deactivate? When I activate plugins this does not change, so I’m assuming the plugin somehow is not being activated. There is also no Plugin category appearing under Manage.

    I’m hosting with Experthost where this blog is located.

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  • moshu


    1. Yes, it should change to “Deactivate” and the active plugins’ background colour should be green.

    2. There is NO “Plugin” submenu under Manage by default. Some plugins may put their options/setting page there, others have it under Options, while some don’t have anything like that (mostly because they don’t need).



    I’m using WP via my host, and the included plugins (Akismet, WP-backup) do not have the green background nor say “deactivate” after activation. When I click activate the “blue line” at the top of the screen cahnges to “plugin activated” and turns green when “activate” is clicked.

    I assume WP-backup has an options screen once installed.

    I installed Bad Behavior and installed it, and it has a green background. This leads me to believe it’s a host issue. I’ve contacted them but haven’t heard back.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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