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    Over the last few months I have come across several plugins and themes, that have over time been abandoned, by the original developers and for the most part many of these projects are broken and no longer serve a purpose. I sometimes wonder if keeping some of these old broken plugins around might not cause more harm than good.

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  • The closest we’re at is that if a plugin is not updated for more than a year, it’ll drop off the search.

    Interesting, one of the things I was considering was that if you happen to want to develop a plugin with the same name as the one that is no longer being developed, I am guessing that you would not be able to use the same name, more so for the popular descriptive names.

    Thanks for the reply, )

    You wouldn’t be able to re-use names anyway, as that would cause problems with people using the OLD plugin (yours would overwrite anyone who was using the old one, and some of them still work).

    Oh, I see, yes, that would be a problem, it must be a huge database, with so much dead wood so to speak. thanks for replying, )

    Oh yes, it’s ginourmous. I mean, it has all the revisions too!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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