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  • I’m not sure if anyone here can help me with this: I run both ShortStat and WordPress Stats on my blog, and I’m getting wildly different stats from the two. ShortStat shows over twice as many unique visitors as WP Stats. I’ve also noticed over the past few days my ShortStat stats as far as unique visitios and page loads have stayed pretty consistent, but on WP Stats my unique visitors have taken a nosedive. I also have Google Analytics that I installed on Sunday, does it not play nice with WP Stats?

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  • I found that ShortStat was accepting a lot of pings to my site that weren’t legitimate. they were crawlers and spambots and all the other things that aren’t real people. I think you should use wp-stats or analytics, as they are tuned and tweaked to avoid recording fake visitors.

    If you go for Google Analytics you can use Tantan’s plugin to see it in your wordpress admin:

    I get that the bots would drive up the hit count, but wouldn’t each bot count as one unique visitor? For example, here are my stats from yesterday:

    ShortStat – 70 uniques
    WP_Stats – 31 unique (at least I’m assuming that by “views” in the line chart they are referring to unique visitors and not total page views)
    Google Analytics – 14 uniques

    I can see different stat counters being off +/- 10 uniques because of the way they track unique visitors, but something seems out of whack here.

    sounds to me like wp_stats means ‘pageviews’ when they say ‘views’.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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