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  • pronoiac


    Is WordPress 3.0 processing ugly permalinks – like ?p=123 – differently than 2.8.4? It’s generating the ugly permalinks for the shortlink, but some of them fail to resolve & redirect – there’s some consistent 404 breakage occurring for some of them.

    I’ve disabled all plugins & removed htaccess, & this didn’t help. Swapping in a copy of 2.8.4 got at least one of the links to resolve properly.

    Most external links are working fine, because the normal links generated are “Day & Name.”

    I’ve checked; it’s not just happening on new posts. Some of the breakage is for posts from months prior to the upgrade.

    Any ideas?

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  • WordPress 3.0.1 is still broken here.

    Looking into it further:
    The older WordPress would return a post, which under the newer WordPress, had a different ID – the broken ID was for a draft. I’m not sure where the broken IDs appeared on the web.

    Checking the logs, it looks like only Google had picked up the broken post IDs, as no people were affected.

    I originally noted this problem under Google Webmaster Tools’ Crawl errors for the site. Given time, this (non-)problem stands a good chance of correcting itself.

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