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  • Hi

    Is it possible to set a shorter cache expiration time for the home page (or a few specific pages)?

    We have a calender with events and the next events are show on the home page. While it’s no problem to cache those for 12 or even 23 hours, it’s not so nice that all pages should expire as often. (I don’t consider that a problem for the home page.)

    While home is used often every day, quite some of pages are only visited every couple of days and would benefit from a longer expiration period.

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  • Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @alain2 That’s not currently a feature in Comet Cache, however we do have a feature request open for that feature. I recommend leaving a comment on that GitHub issue if you can to show your vote for this feature. 🙂

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    Thanks for the answer

    I tend to see it a bit easier:

    normal caching (default) expiration duration is a user choice
    no caching (list as is now)
    short time caching (list as in now in “no caching”), but a shorter expiration duration user choice as in normal caching.

    –> this is easier for the user and has less “edge cases” that need to be tested.

    BTW. I don’t have a gitHub account.

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @alain2 Thank you for the feedback. We’re still working out the best way forward for that feature and I’ll definitely take that feedback into account.

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    Another easy way (and maybe easier to program and test) :

    The short time caching is solved by clearing the cache for the pages in the short time caching at specific times of day. This could be solved by a cron like job.

    –> This gives more predictable results, but makes really short durations less easy to configure. for example every 15 minutes needs about 100 entries.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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