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  • I would like to be able to have perhaps the 5 most recent posting come up and cut off the length to something like 300 characters with a ‘more…’ type link to read more about that story. I am hoping someone might have already created something like this. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am of somewhat modest coding abilities. To get an idea of what the site looks like go to

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  • The capacity to show n number of posts and the ability to show more link is in built in WordPress.

    Yes it’s very easy. Look in the options for showing posts the way you want. Under other options, changed the option: posts_per_page. For the ‘more…’ you just have to click on the more button when writing/editing posts. It inputs the tag <!--more--> which WP interpretes as a deliminator.

    Help, I can’t find this option in wordpress. Where is it?

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