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    From the ping.fm website.

    “Note: API keys are meant for application developers. If you are using a Ping.fm app that someone has created, it shouldn’t require you submit an API key. Since we’ve recently changed this process, some of the apps might not have been updated to meet new requirements.

    If you are using an app that requires an API key, contact the developer, or visit the app’s website for an up-to-date version.”

    Any word on an update?

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    It seems that Ping.fm is now property of Seesmic.

    Maybe it’s related to that.

    It’s a weird thing because it was working for many users after first postings regarding to this issue.

    Anyway, I just send a help request to seesmic (can’t find any ping.fm developer contact form or email), so now we must wait for them to reply.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Very very bad news… this is the reponse from Seesmic support (new owners of Ping.fm service):

    In regards to your inquiry, right now we are not approving the API key request for the wordpress plugin Shorten2Ping.

    These past couple of weeks we have been battling spam attacks that are happening frequently and have been causing posting delays for all our users. In response, our team has suspended certain API keys due to suspicious activity.

    We know that this has nothing to do with you directly but we are taking this time to review and consolidate the current structure of ping.fm to ensure this is stable and is improved for our users.

    Please keep in mind we are temporarily postponing the API approval requests until we have a new system in place and properly running. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this.

    So unfortunately to solve this is not in my hand 🙁

    Which alternatives are the in the meantime that do the same as the shorten2ping + pingfm combination (I post updates not only to Twitter via it)?

    I am looking for the same thing as I was using shorten2ping and pingfm and it is no longer working.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    I sent another email to Seesmic support. And this was their reply:

    At the moment, there is nothing which we can do. We are building the Ping,fm website and this takes time and care.

    Please, feel secure that the Seesmic team is aware of this and is working non-stop to have the things functioning correctly again.

    So, if you like Shorten2Ping and want to get it back to work soon, I suggest you to support me sending your complains to Seesmic via Twitter at @askseesmic or via email to the same person who I have emailed my complains about this problem.

    If you ever wanted to support Shorten2Ping, now is THE MOMENT.

    Damn, this is bad news.
    As far as I know, Shorten2Ping is the only plugin that successfully enables me to notify facebook+twitter, when I publish new posts.

    @samuel; What exactly should I ask of Seesmic? That they approve your API key request, or..?

    Thanks for your awesome work on this plugin!

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Thanks CabGfx.

    My API key was approved for more than a year ago…

    The problem is that seesmic suspended it because they say that Shorten2Ping is used by spammers users.

    So they blame on the app instead of blaming the users that are spamming. They can suspend USER api keys if the want, but it seems that people at seesmic like the “easy way”.

    My thinking is that the real thing is that Shorten2Ping is maybe the app for ping.fm with more users, and ping.fm servers are known as one of the most saturated services… and that’s the real thing (IMHO).

    What should you ask to seesmic?, simply that, enabling again the Shorten2Ping api key.

    Anyway, I’m thinking in a workaround and maybe in a few hours I’ll get it ready.

    Oh, I just found this post and it explains my problem. I will bookmark this one and try to get rid of my post I just made and watch this one carefully. !Thanks!

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    I just uploaded to SVN Shorten2Ping 1.4.7 (in a few minutes it will be ready to download) with a new option:

    * Added option to send updates using posting email (http://ping.fm/email/), so now we don’t need a f*cking API key!

    Simply choose ‘Ping.fm email’ (general tab) and put your posting email (notification tab) in S2P options.

    It works just like API key/User key method, no difference at all.

    Las personas de seesmic son bichos en eso. !Muchas gracias, Sr. Aguilera, uno ves mas!

    Good Job Samuela Guilera

    I was waiting from several days for your plugin back to work and mean while I was using publish2ping.fm plugin but that has big drawback that sub menu of all plugins stop working and show error that you don’t have rights to access this page or so on…
    Your plugin is simpler and so useful
    Thanks for making it work again… I am trying it now.

    Did not work for me. I put the ping.fm secret email provided by them and also API but did not work. It is going well to bit.ly and shortening the link but after that not publishing to ping.fm
    Please check out.

    Waiting for you to fix.
    Anyone has idea that why Publish2ping.fm plugin disables sub menus and how that can we resolve that issue?

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Sorry not working for you Sandeep. It should work if your hosting provider allow the use of mail() php function.

    It’s working for me in several blogs.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    By the way… if anyone needs more instructions on how to setup the email posting, you can see it here.

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