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  • Cathy Tibbles


    Under options, in permalink, you can change the names of your permalinks. For example, %domain%%category% or %domain% %date% %category%. see this page for details.

    that won’t necessarily help pages…

    however, in the page itself, you can edit the slug to something shorter.

    lets say you edit the page slug for the parent to ‘nthcolorado’ and the child page to ‘ftcollins’ your URL will then read /nthcolorado/ftcollins which is far more reasonable.

    There’s a plugin called Go Codes

    this could be an alternative method. Your page still has the same URL but you can type out a shortcut to it like

    I’m really impressed how quick you guys jumped in to help. Much thanks.

    Regarding Go Codes: This sounds like a good option, however, if it’s an additional url to the same page (meaning, there are two urls that go to the same page), it can be perceived as duplicate content to the search engines. This is something I definitely want to avoid. If that’s not the case though, and thus it doesn’t add an ‘additional’ url, this might be the solution.

    With respect to shortening the url to read something “/nthcolorado/ftcollins,” I might have to take this option, but I’d rather not. Reason being is, ideally, I’d like to factor in the keyword phrase such as “fort-collins-real-estate” into the url for SEO purposes.

    I’ve tried just slimming it down to /%postname%/ but I guess that only works with posts, not pages.

    Thanks again for the help. I’m open to other suggestions.


    By the way, this is for pages, not posts.

    Anybody else have any ideas? I want to take my client’s site live, however, it’s imperative that we start off with short urls. I don’t want to change them later for misc. SEO reasons.


    As far as your SEO stuff is concerned, I’m inclined to think there’s more weight added to the page title and the page contents than the URL itself, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with shortening the slugs.

    I’m not convinced that google really give a shit about your directory structure too much.

    LOTS of high-ranking pages out there with 0,00125345363.html as the file name.

    Thanks for your input. I still want to keep the url short and to the point, as it’s important when go after highly competitive keyword phrases.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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