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  • SilentWarrior


    Hi everyone

    I just installed WordPress yesterday, and now I’m looking for a plug-in which shortens my long URLs. It should put three dots somewhere inside the URL, I don’t want or sth. similar. (Maybe you know the three-dot function from some forums.)

    Is there such a plug-in? Or anything comparable? Thanks in advance for your help, I’ve been googling for quite a long time now without finding anything useful.



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  • VaamYob


    If you want, “my-shorter-url” instead of, “this-is-a-really-long-url-that-I-am-not-fond-of”

    you can change the post slug to “my-shorter-url”

    on a post by post basis 🙁




    Thanks for your response, but it’s not about the titles of the blogs. I know how to shorten the slugs, but they are finde. In fact, during my Google research I even found a web site which dealt with the problem of (too) long slugs.

    But–again–this is not my problem. I’m speaking about totally normal links in the post text which are just too long for the width of my web site.

    Les Bessant


    You mean you’re entering links something like this:


    Why not enter them like this:

    <a href="http:\">a description of a link</a>

    Which will just show the text in your post, nicely underlined as a link?

    Or am I missing what you’re after as well?




    I’m assuming the link itself will be the full URL, only the text would be shortened.

    <a href=""></a>



    I’d like to have a solution to this problem too. It can really screw up themes in some browsers (esp IE it seems.)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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