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  • Hello, I’ve started using your plugin for a few clients and it’s great and I would like to share a mod with you.

    I have a client that doesn’t always shorten their URLs when tweeting and a long string of characters would cause layout problems on the page. Now this is probably not a feature that most people will find useful but for those of you that want to shorten URLs have at it.

    /twitter-tools/classes/aktt.php – Line 134 (after debug)

    'url_len' => array(
    				'name' => 'url_len',
    				'value' => 140,
    				'label' => __('Shorten Long URLs', 'twitter-tools'),
    				'type' 	=> 'no_html',
    				'help'	=> 'Should long URLs be truncated? Enter the max number of characters to display of a URL (default is 140).'

    /twitter-tools/views/admin.php – Line 138 (after echo implode(‘
    ‘, $options);)

    if($setting['type'] == 'no_html') {
    			$name = 'aktt_v3_settings['.$setting['name'].']';
    					<input type="text" name="<?php echo esc_attr($name); ?>" value="<?php echo AKTT::option($setting['name']); ?>" id="<?php echo esc_attr($name); ?>" />

    /twitter-tools/classes/aktt_tweet.php – Line 340 (within foreach ($this->urls() as $entity) {)

    if(strlen($entity->display_url) > AKTT::option('url_len'))
    				$entity->display_url = substr($entity->display_url, 0, AKTT::option('url_len')) . '&hellip;';

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