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    I just want to make the main navigation menu something like 2/3 the height. I could probably figure this out myself but I cannot find the code or css classes i need to address.

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  • Without a link to your site, no way to help with CSS except to suggest using Firebug to find the relevant styles.

    ahh yes, here-

    I changed the “#access” element’s height to about what id like, it seems to be the general area which the navigation takes up, but the actual buttons are on their own so still appear taller.

    I can see the individual page button tags but i assume there is a better way to get the whole thing so when new pages are created they also inherit the changed height

    Thanks for all the help! (ive really been getting a lot from the WP community recently)

    Try this:

    #access a {
       padding: 7px 24px;

    ok that is perfect! now i know im getting greedy, but would you mind giving a brief explanation as to how that was able to do what i wanted?

    im just still getting the hang of this, was adding the “a” to the “#access” all? (and what does the ‘a’ represent?)

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    It’s more thoroughly explained in W3Schools

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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