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  • Title explains it.
    I don’t know if this should go in an accessibility forum or here, but the problem is the spoiler shortcode so here I am.
    , I use the spoiler to reveal content, and according to my sighted friend it works really well. It’s nestled within a members only tag and I was happy to have it work as well as it does. Except for the accessibility that is.
    My screenreader will read the title text, but I cannot access the function, Neither virtual mouseclicks, spacebar, nor hitting Enter will work…. So I can’t use the clever page I created on my own site myself…

    Btw, I browsed over to an example of the spoiler on someones sight, and it works the same way: Not at all. 😀 So it’s not just me, and not just my page.

    Any thoughts on this?


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  • I don’t know if this should go in an accessibility forum or here

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an accessibility forum on… yet. Can you post a link to a page on your site that demonstrates the problem.

    I should point out that I’m not the plugin’s developer but I am keen to promote accessible design amongst WP devs generally. So the more examples of inaccessible development I can gather, the better. Especially if we can develop an alternative, accessible, approach.

    Have you seen ? Your feedback generally would be very valuable.

    Yeah, actually I was reading a big chunk of those posts, but I just might check into it more. I might have a few things to say. About plugins in particular actually.
    Ok, a temp post:
    I can’t click either one of those. And there’s no navigation info on them. I’ve come across more and more of this kind of “invisible” coding and as an old time HTML coder, I find that a bit disconcerting.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Anokhin


    Hi Jen.

    Unfortunately, I can’t help you. Because I didn’t know nothing about screenreaders and their browsers. These shortcodes was tested on all major PC’s and Mac browsers, and also on android browser. And it works fine.

    I can’t test the shortcodes there, but I think the problem in the screenreader software.

    Thanks for giving it thought, I didn’t really expect a solution; I just want someone to be aware of it.
    I can’t agree with you about it being a screenreader problem. It’s about being able to use a mouse and/or hotkeys. That kind of inaccessible button has cropped up in a lot of places and they are all equally inaccessible for most screenreaders. It’s a bit like the flash players. When they first started to appear everywhere, none of them were accessible because of the way the code works. It’s been implemented in adobe flash and nowadays, the question is only whether the developer uses those options or not.
    Screenreader people like GW-Micro and Freedom Scientific work uphill to try to keep up and adapt to work with IE, Firefox, and all the rest, with the new things and this might be one of those things that they are looking in to, but since it’s an expensive piece of software, it’s not always possible to update to the latest version even if they do. It should be easier to adapt new flashy things in webpages with accessibility techniques already proven and available.
    Maybe just my opinion, sometimes it feels that way.
    But hey, I wasn’t going to discuss accessibility problems here, so I’ll drop in to that thread you mentioned.
    Cheers, and thanks.


    It’s about being able to use a mouse and/or hotkeys.


    I’m happy to say that using the jaws cursor does work. Funny thing is that sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. If that is a browser glitch, a jaws glitch, temporary or something else entirely I couldn’t say.
    But at least I know I can make it work, and I can tell my visitors how, and that’s the important thing in this particular case.

    One problem down, on to the next. LOL

    Just had a look at The primary cause as far as I can tell is that the plugin’s implementation of javascript to create a clickable div as opposed to a real link. I don’t think it’s hooking onto the DOM correctly, so isn’t available to jaws. For anyone who is interested, there’s an excellent article on this subject on

    Glad to hear I’m not dillusional, thank you.
    I’ll check that, even if the java thing still goes over my head. 😀

    I found plenty interesting to read there, but wasn’t able to find anything in specific about this topic. maybe I just don’t know what to search for. 🙂

    It’s really for theme/plugin developers. 🙂

    True, interesting nonetheless. Something I’d love to do if I thought I could.

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