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  • Hi there

    Frustratingly i can’t work out how to use this shortcode. It looks really good, but i’m having trouble understanding how to use it.

    I’ve found several tips on this, but none are specific enough to help.

    What I’d like to do is Create rotating/slider images within page content. I don’t really want the images on the page themselves other than displayed in the slider (i could probably hide them or something if i had too though).

    So the tip code in wp-admin is: [nivo_slider source="post" link="image" size="500x300" limit="10" effect="boxRandom"]

    What i’d love is a clean explanation of what these atributes actually are. For example nivo_slider_source=”post” should this specify the post id where the images are loaded to? example: “post=4″? and is link=”image” the link to the images as specified from the upload an image button in the editor? – if so are multiple images added by using image1url|image2url|… I’m also confused by limit=”value” …

    Any help would be great. Thank one, thank all!

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  • Same for many of the short codes!!

    Hi fitzbeck!

    Try to use FAQ section on plugin’s page, maybe this will help you.

    Fitzbeck, I’m sure you’ve found an alternative, but just in case, here’s the code that worked for me. Look at the ‘source=”post=##”‘

    [nivo_slider source=”post=4″ width=”600″ height=”300″ link=”none” speed=”600″ delay=”3000″ effect=”random”]



    I’m struggling with this also. Is it even possible to use this with uploaded images that are not assigned to a post or category? I normally use another slider tool but it conflicts with Shortcodes Ultimate even in Compatibility Mode so I was hoping I could replace it with the built-in one. But so far… no joy!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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