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  • Shortcodes seem to have stopped working after automatic update to wp 3.9

    Does anyone have the same issue?

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  • Which shortcodes in particular?

    Adding to the above woes, Just realised that I lost my media library also after update.

    Thanks @senff

    I have lost functionality of the ‘cTabs’ and ‘gview’ shortcodes

    The more I look into it the more probs I find.
    Also my Weaver II theme lost the header image and the widgets.

    After uploading a new Header image it seems to save it, but then loses it again along with the rest of the uploads

    The shortcodes are probably unique to the theme you’re using, or a plugin. My guess is that the theme is not fully compatible with the current WordPress version, so I suggest you contact the theme author and ask for support.

    gview and ctabs are not unique to the theme. gview is Google Doc embed but you’re probably correct that the theme is a problem.
    Thank you for your help @senff

    Its not a theme issue.

    I have changed the theme and the same issue exists with the shortcodes.
    I have a suspicion that the db is corrupted because of the update.



    I have also lost the ability for shortcodes to work in two different themes .
    Bragthemes – strapress Bootstrap theme people say its a problem with the new tinymce editor. and are working on a fix.

    Also I cant see text for editing in Visual composer, I cant add images from the media library and a number of other problems across different themes. They all seem to be related to the Edit screen in some way.
    If its a theme problem, its not just one theme.

    @yakos The shortcodes don’t come with default WordPress, and since you said it’s irrelevant of the theme, they probably come with a plugin.

    Google Document Embedder by any chance?

    If so, it’s better to contact the plugin author or post this in the plugin’s own forum.

    @taswordpress Find out which theme/plugin adds the functionality for those shortcodes, then contact the theme/plugin author.



    Thanks Senff.
    I have up-dated the Visual Composer plugin on one site and thats fixed the problem with shortcodes not showing, and various other issue with page editing and media insertion functionality.
    I have an issue on another site and have discovered Bragthemes ‘Strapress” theme ( Boostrap) needs updateing for 3.9. So in this case its not a plugin problem, the theme generates the shortcodes and wasnt working properly with the re-vamped Tinymce Editor.

    There appears to be a “bug” with 3.9 update…too many folks with same problem. Missing Short Codes after upgrade!

    Is Word Press planning on releasing a “fix”?

    It was not a theme issue for me, as I explained above, however taking action because of these notes to remove the theme I have done just that. It did not help.

    For me the shortcodes started working after I deactivated and removed one of the plugins. I de-activated them all and then activated one by one until I found the issue. I am sorry but I cannot remember which plugin it was.

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a thread anywhere where we can keep updated as to the progress of the fix?

    There is no core fix as this issue has nothing to do with WordPress itself.

    Sorry I know that – but taswordpress said Brag Themes are working on a fix – but I can’t find anything on their site about it – I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a thread on their side which might have some info on when the fix will be ready.

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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