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  • My Catlist shortcodes weren’t working after upgrading to 5.0.3 WP and Gutenburg editor… I screwed with blocks for a minute thinking I had to convert blocks to “classic”, or edit in HTML and fix something that got lost in translation but that didn’t solve anything.

    I enabled debug to see if there was a plugin conflict and that didn’t yield results.

    I made a new post with a simple shortcode just to test, [catlist id=280], and that also didn’t work and just loaded as a blank post.

    So I decided to just try [catlist id="280"] and it worked… and it fixed the problem on my other posts too.

    Any idea what happened? Am I the only one with this issue?


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  • It seems it was just in “Preview” that the non-quotes shortcodes weren’t working. If you publish the post, they work. I’ll keep screwing with it and hopefully find the conflict.

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