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    Thanks for a great plugin. Apologies for the basic question, have checked through the forums here and tried various possibilities.

    I am hoping to use UMM to replace the current plugin I have that uses shortcodes to display user meta in posts/pages. UMM does this great with custom meta but I’ve been unable to get it to display the majority of built-in/default meta except for first_name and last_name.

    Can UMM display fields such as user_email, user_url, user_registered, display_name, user_nicename, user_level etc? For me, these just display as blank.

    Otherwise, a very robust and powerful plugin – keep up the great work!

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  • Plugin Author President McCheese



    Presently there is not a short code for displaying core user meta data. However, I will consider this for the upcoming version.
    Thanks for the input.




    Thanks Jason – it would be great to have an all-in-one user meta plugin. And yours is the most full-featured of all the ones out there so far.

    You don’t need a plugin for that. I made this function. Of course, I could wrap it up and make a simple plugin out of it, but I’ve never been a fan of the plugin support hassle.
    Add this to functions.php in your theme’s folder:

    add_shortcode('gutt-u', 'gutt_get_user_attribute');
    function gutt_get_user_attribute($atts = array()) {
    	global $current_user;
    	extract( shortcode_atts( array(
    		'id' => $current_user->ID,
    		'login' => '',
    		'email' => '',
    		'slug' => '',
    		'field' => 'display_name'
    		), $atts) );
    	if ($login || $email || $slug) {
    		if ($login) $gatt_user = get_user_by('login', $login);
    		elseif ($email) $gatt_user = get_user_by('email', $email);
    		else $gatt_user = get_user_by('slug', $slug);
    	elseif ($id > 0) $gatt_user = get_user_by('id', $id);
    	else return;
    	if (in_array($field, array( 'ID', 'user_login', 'user_nicename', 'user_email', 'user_url', 'user_regitered', 'display_name')))
    			return $gatt_user->$field;
    		else return $gatt_user->__get($field);

    How it works: Use [gutt-u] with id, login, email, slug and field parameters.

    id – id of the user you want to retrieve data for; defaults to current user and function doesn’t return anything if id (or login, or email, or slug) is missing and current user is not logged in;

    login – login (user_login) of the user you want to retrieve data for; overrides id, email and slug;

    email – email of the user you want to retrieve data for; overrides id and slug;

    slug – slug (user_nicename) of the user you want to retrieve data for; overrides id;

    field – the field you want to retrieve from the user; defaults to display_name. It can be any default WP field or any user meta field as long as it exists, except user_password (I chose not to include it, but can be added to the fields array if needed).

    [gutt-u] => returns display_name of current user.
    [gutt-u field=id] => returns ID of current user.
    [gutt-u field=some_user_meta_field] => returns the some_user_meta_field of the user registered with
    [gutt-u slug=acub field=user_registered] => returns the date of registration for the user with user_nicename = “acub”

    I doubt sanitization is needed. From the few tests I’ve made, if no user is found or if the field doesn’t exist, it just returns nothing.

    @jason, feel free to put my code to good use if you find it useful. Thank you for a robust plugin.

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    @ acub, This feature is already added to User Meta Manager version 3.0.3, but thanks for posting your solution anyway!

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