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  • Hi,

    Great plugin, works very well! But when I add the shortcodes column (using the admin columns plugin – this column does not show the shortcodes of each content block.

    So now I have to edit each block if I want to see the shortcode; instead, I would like to be able to copy the shortcode of each block from the list.

    If this issue is not just the case on my website, but it’s because the shortcode values are indeed only displayed in the post editor, could you please take this as a feature request and add a working shortcodes column? Would be a nice improvement of the plugin!


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  • Plugin Author Johan van der Wijk


    The shortcodes are not stored as postmeta (I guess that is what the Admin Columns plugin needs) so it might not be very straightforward to display them on the overview page.

    Note that the shortcode always uses the post ID of the content block post so you should be able to get this working if the Admin Columns plugin has filter to include this in.

    This should be sufficient to create the shortcode: [content_block id=xxxx] where xxxx = the post ID of the content block.

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for explaining this. Would it be possible to use [conent_block id=xxxx] the default shortcode and store it as post meta?

    Personally I see little added value in the alternative shortcodes, the format of a shortcode makes no difference to me; so I would much prefer one shortcode format that is stored as post meta, above the current situation.

    But of course I leave this up to you to decide if you are willing to change this. You may very well have a good reason for the extra shortcode formats, that I don’t know of.

    Plugin Author Johan van der Wijk


    I also don’t like the different shortcode formats, but this has been requested by many users for a long time so I finally gave in 🙂

    Because the post ID is always available, it shouldn’t be necessary to store the shortcode as post meta, you can create your custom column with the shortcode:

    Something like this then should work: $value = '[content_block id=' . $id . ']';

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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