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    I randomly noticed that a site I manage started having shortcode display issues. One day, I thought everything was running fine, and then I visited the site and some of the shortcodes on the pages were displaying instead of images from NextGen Gallery (NGG) and MapPress.

    It’s very inconsistent, though. Some pages consist of 3 short codes 2 linking to single pics from NGG, and the third is generated from the Custom Fields Template. The issue on this page is that ONE of the shortcodes for NGG is not rendering a pic, it’s just displaying the shortcode text. It isn’t consistent on the pages, some times it’s the first one, some times it’s the second one, but none of the pages are displaying properly (so it’s not that I accidentally deleted a bracket or something.

    If I turn off all plugins except NGG, it still only displays one pic and the shortcode for the other. I even tried a fresh install of wordpress with NGG.

    The Mappress one only happens when the Custom Fields Template is turned off, apparently. I can’t tell if this is two separate issues (an inssue with CFT conflicting with Mappress and a seperate issue with NGG) or if it’s all part of a larger problem with WordPress 2.8.
    I think this started happening after upgrading from 2.7, but I’m not sure. (it’s not my theme, the problem is there in my custom theme AND the generic Kubric theme)

    Anyone experiencing anything like this, or have any ideas as to what’s going on?

    I’m going to have to change the site and use some other method because it’s a live site and I’ve been messing with this for a day or two, so I can’t point you to a page as an example.


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    Are these shortcodes next to one another in a post, by any chance? Have you tried separating them with a single blank space? I’ve come across a similar issue with the WP native [caption] shortcode. Use
    and the second shortcode won’t be parsed but with be rendered “as is”.

    [caption] [caption]

    and everything works properly.



    wow. that worked. I spend hours and hours on this trying to figure out if it was a plugin conflict or over-written files, corrupt db, etc.

    all it needed was a little bit of personal space, imagine that. I hope that is stated in the users guide somewhere and I just missed it.

    Thanks a million for your answer esmi!!

    I submitted a bug report to wp:

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