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    I have to create a ticket for this as it seems that support is not available when the old topic marked resolved.

    The minimal shortcode [newsletter_form type=”minimal”] displays only email and button in a single line. Ideally, it should include Name because the confirmation letter and other correspondence seem to expect a name.

    Since there are no way to add the name, I tried to add the name to a form:

    [newsletter_field name=”first_name” label=”Name”]
    [newsletter_field name=”email” label=”Email”]

    Using the above form will create different line for label as well as the field, so it ended up with 4 lines instead of 1. It would be so much cleaner if the name and email are on the same line and the label are inside the fields.

    It seems it’s not that simple to make all of them in one line. The minimal form has the label right inside the field so it does not take up extra line. Can you not just have an option with the extra name field in front of the email since most built-in mail requires it? How easy is it to customize it without affecting the code so it can be updated by subsequent releases? Even the the paid version would have this same problem.

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