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    Thanks for the nice Plugin..
    I must report some Problems which are not working at very well.

    If i use the this Code anywhere on the Page
    echo do_shortcode( '[hupso]' );
    than the Buttons are shown double.
    I tried to add this to the line of tags, dates, authors.. Activating over the Plugin does not help me cause i have bought Theme.

    The second Question is where we can add Custom Images? I have looked at the Plugin PHP Files but couldnt find any Place to change it.

    Would be happy for any help.


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  • Plugin Author kasal


    If I add <?php echo do_shortcode( '[hupso]' ); ?> to the bottom
    of page.php in Twenty Eleven Theme it works correctly. Can you try this?

    Perhaps there is something wrong with your theme.
    What theme are you using?

    Adding custom images is not yet possible. But it is on the TODO list, so it will soon be possible.

    Thanks for your reply. I am using Centum from Themeforest

    At page.php it does not show anything. At loob.php it shows.

    The Problem i guess is at the Settings cause there is no way to disable the Auto adding. This means i MUST select from “Show Buttons on” where it should be shown. If i do not select Posts or Pages the ShortCut Code <?php echo do_shortcode( '[hupso]' ); ?> is aswell hidden.

    The Setting “Button Position” could have maybe have the option “NONE” to disable Auto adding Buttons.

    I forgot to tell this more

    Selecting Categorier from Settings “Hide buttons for specific categories” does not effect anything for me.

    Plugin Author kasal


    I would like to help you, but this theme is not free, so I am not able to test the plugin with it.

    I seems your theme is doing some things quite differently than ordinary WP themes. For example: If I take Twenty Eleven Theme and clear all display options, the shortcodes are still working as expected. And the same for all other themes I have tried.

    I suggest you contact the theme author and ask him to explain how the theme is handling shortcodes and categories. Perhaps he will be able to help you.

    hi Kasal, ..

    i’d like to ask you, can i use this function (just in case i need to deactivate the plugins temporary) :

    <?php if(function_exists(‘[hupso]’)){ do_shortcode( ‘[hupso]’ );} ?>

    but it seems not working..

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