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  • I don’t see any way for a shortcode handler to determine which shortcode matched the regex that caused the callback. I use an overloaded handler to process a (large) number of different related cases, which I currently distinguish via their content or attributes. Using the shortcode name itself would be a much cleaner user interface. Example:

    [Foo1 /] [Foo2 /]
    [Foo1]case1[/Foo1] [Foo2]case2[/Foo2]

    [Foo]case1|args[/Foo] [Foo]case2|args[/Foo]
    [Foo arg='1']case1|args[/Foo] [Foo arg='2']case2|args[/Foo]

    If this were the first release of the API we could just automatically add the shortcode name to the attribute list; but today that would break any existing plugins that are sensitive to the count of shortcode_atts()[] versus $atts[].

    But we could allow a magic default value in the call to shortcode_atts():

    shortcode_atts(array('myname' <= '_shortcode_name'))

    Or we could use a global variable (ugh) e.g. $gShortcodeName.

    (Sorry if I have overlooked any existing way to determine this; I couldn’t see one.)

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  • <blush> This feature already exists, I misread the code. I will add it to the Codex documentation. Sorry. </blush>

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