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    Hi and thanks in advance.

    I’m using a customized version of rachael bakers theme BootstrapWP as a child with various tweeks. I’ve never used a short code. Cant get the form to display.

    On my contact page at you can see the short code displaying in the page. I edit with text wrangler and FTP not the WP editor though I’ve tried but cannot find a way to switch from text to html modes as some of the posts here suggest to check if there is other formatting.

    I’ve tried putting the short code in divs and out of divs and moving it around. The form that is now on the page is not working mockup for where I would like this plugin form to be. Tried commenting out that code but no dice.

    Help appreciated to get this working….. Thanks again

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  • Hi Again….

    I tried disabling all plugins … no dice. I tried in another theme and got the form to display by using the editor. Your plug in works fine. So…. This seems to be about how to put a shortcode into a custom page template that I edit with a text editor.

    I also found that by going to the page I want to edit in the “pages- page editor” I can get the shortcode to show up but not where I want it.

    How DO I mark that shortcode up in a html / php document so that I can place the form where I want it to be in the document?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Finally Got It……

    Here’s how for anyone else doing the same as I am:

    <?php echo do_shortcode( "[cscf-contact-form]" ) ?>

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    Hi clsimco,

    Yes you could use that code if you are placing it directly into a php file of your theme.

    or you could do this:

    if ( function_exists('cscf_ContactForm') )  {
       echo cscf_ContactForm();

    If you are simply using it on a post or page then you only need to add the shortcode [cscf-contact-form]

    Thanks for sharing your findings.

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I will try that also. Obviously more elegant.

    Now to make the form function. Surprise to me that is not happening.
    What is happening is :
    Fill out the form on the page completely, enter captcha info, hit send then the contact page goes to the home page ( Check mail in a desktop client and no mail received. No confirm page etc.

    I’ve disabled and re-enabled all plugins, the firewall and no dice.

    Contacted my hosting company support and they could find nothing wrong, They are elevating the issue to a support ticket,

    Interesting notes that may or not be related:
    The firewall that I use “all in one security firewall” plugin WILL send an email if someone is locked out during a brute force attack and I DO get the email.

    It places a captcha on login forms etc but did not on the email form- Conflict?

    In wordpress settings-> General- I have one of the email addresses as recipient, though there is no user by that name. the email address works.

    In wordpress settings-> writing -> Post by mail- I have left it all at defaults eg mail.example etc

    Thanks again for your help and excellent work. I can tell that this is a great form and I know that it WILL work…


    Don’t know if that makes a difference

    As a thought I include the message from the browser address bar when it leaves the contact page and goes to “home”page after sending the mail:

    This is in the browser address bar on the home page:

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