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    My gallery display in conjunction with Photonic is showing the two images on the page side by side instead of one image for a slideshow setup:

    [mla_gallery ids='4938,4937' mla_alt_shortcode=gallery type=default style=no-strip]

    also tried

    [mla_gallery ids='4938,4937' style=no-strip]

    as I’m not sure if I need the other two parameters or just style in order to activate the Photonic plugin.

    no-strip should be showing a slideshow as per Photonic guideline.

    Before I potentially start digging around in Photonic could you kindly confirm if this shortcode is having any problems.

    Also I see variously that the quotes ' and " or even no quotes are used with the parameters, so is there a particular requirement for the quotes or can I leave them out.

    For instance Photonic want style='no-strip' with their native gallery shortcode while in the MLA documentation it is written as style=no-strip for use with mla gallery shortcode. I am assuming then as mla gallery is what I am using can I omit all quotes, including for the ids i.e. ids=4938,4937


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your questions and for the details of the shortcodes you are trying out.

    By default, the Photonic “slideshow” layouts show about three images in the one “row”, with navigation controls t move through the gallery. Your example only has two images, so you are seeing both of the in the row.

    You can get closer to what you want by adding columns=1 to the shortcode. On my test system this shows one large image and just a bit of a second image. I guess that’s to give you a sense that there are additional images in the gallery.

    Since the WordPress [gallery] shortcode accepts the ids= parameter there’s no need to complicate things by using the [mla_gallery] alternative. Try:

    [gallery ids='4938,4937' style=no-strip columns=1]

    Either way, MLA has no role in composing the gallery/slideshow. All MLA does is convert any data selection parameters, e.g., taxonomy term queries, to an ids= list and then hands off control to Photonic.

    You noticed the variation in quotes around parameter values; either one will work. WordPress requires quotes only when parameter values contain spaces for proper parsing.

    I hope that gives you the information you need to accomplish your goal. I am marking this topic resolved, but please update it if you have problems or further questions regarding the above suggestions. Thanks for your interest in the plugin.

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