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  • Hi, mine is not working two.. there’s this blank space where the map should be but nothing showing.. I’ve tried both the shortcode and the php and both have the same effect.

    Any help please?

    Hello together,

    my global map here works:

    Try my fork, if you like.

    Answer this post if you still have problems then. I’ll try to correct the fork if necessary.


    mine also doesn’t work…

    as im a rookie, can someone have a look at my globalmap page?

    thanks a lot!

    hi, i tried wpshoff file to replace the original, the only thing changed is that the Gooogle API key input is not there anymore…
    maps in post still working, globalmap still not showing…

    drives me crazyy!

    I’ve deactivated ALL my plugins apart from RomeLuv…
    now I’m activating them 1 by 1 to see which one caused the conflict….
    will keep you guys up to date

    it’s google analytics by Yoast…. that’s a pity….

    Same problem here. Such a bugger. Is there anything I can do, to fix this please?

    Hello jonny,

    you could start by showing me a website where the problem is shown. So i can have a look at the html and find out if its Yoasts problem or Romeluvs problem, that it does not work.


    Hi Stefan

    Thanks for your prompt response. The page is here

    Any help would be great. Thanks so much!


    Hello Paul,

    seems that you do not use my update for the plugin from my fork that i posted earlier.

    I looked into the source and found:
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

    The &’s are wrong, they need to be &. Plus you do not need an Google api key anymore.

    Anyways, the easiest fix for this maybe that you replace the &’s with &’s in the plugin editor.

    Could you try that and then post if it worked?



    i saw that my post is not correctly transmitted.
    The & ‘s are the wrong ones. They need to be replaced by a simple &.

    Thanks and sorry,

    Hello again…

    & amp ; -> wrong

    And again, but for the last time.

    See there are those & amp ; ‘s in the script src link. You’ll have to look into the sourcecode, because this support forum does not allow them to be posted and translates them already into simple &’s.


    hi wpshoff, can you look at my site too?
    its in the post on top.
    I deactivated Yoast google analytics

    thanks a lot!

    Hello siegmich, ?

    I looked at it and the romeluv plugin works, the map is shown.
    I need the disfunctional view to find the bug.

    I’ll have a look at my mails every now and then …


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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