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    Please follow the instructions and provide necessary data:

    Same problem here. Everything was OK until the last update.

    However, the problem happens only with some tags. Maybe just tags with |rotate|, but I’m not sure about that. I’ll do some tests.

    Mark, try to select “on all posts” in Adinserter options for that tag.

    I did that and the problem was solved.

    The problem didn’t happen in tags with that option already marked.

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    Hello Fabio,

    Thank you for you reply.

    The plugin works fine with (on all posts), but if I insert a shortcode into a page, widget or post as shortcode is shows nothing.

    I never touch the tags, it Tags shows (gadgets).


    I am also having a problem with the shortcode not showing. I’m only using the plugin by shortcode and not on all posts.

    Here is the site with a post that has the shortcode inside it but it’s not displaying.

    And here is a screenshot of the settings:

    For right now I rolled the plugin back to 1.6.6 and the shortcode are working.

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    A new feature in 1.6.7 is that also for shortcodes you can select on which page types it will be displayed.

    You haven’t enabled display on any page type (posts, pages, homepage, category pages,…).

    Please enable page types on which you need to insert code with shortcodes.

    I’m not sure I follow. So if I wanted the ad to appear on all posts but only if that particular shortcode is present, can I do that?

    Danielle, sure you can. Leave “automatic display” as “none for all users”. The ad you appear only if you use the shortcode.

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    Yes, of course!

    Shortcode means manual placement so the code will be inserter only where the shortcode is present.

    However, you can also disable some page categories where the shortcode in posts can be displayed.

    For example, you put a shortcode into a post.
    Normally you enable Posts on All Pages which means that the short code is enabled (i.e. not disabled) on all posts – it will insert code only in the post where it is present.

    However, you can disable, for example, homepage so when the post is shown also on the homepage, the shortcode will not be enabled here.

    Posts on All Pages means only general rule for post exceptions (set for each post individually).

    Ah ok I see now. I need to have all posts and enable shortcode checked. Thank you. Working great now.

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    Thank you for the explanation, the problem FIXED, WORKS GREAT.


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