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    You give these instructions for using your plugin outside the widget:

    If you’re not able to change your theme you can also use the shortcode [utcw] anywhere in your posts or pages. You can pass any of the settings along with the shortcode in the format of key="value", for instance if you’d like to change the widget title:

    [utcw title="Most awesome title ever"]

    I am using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and ultimately want to create product tags utilizing your plugin inside yet another plugin – WP UI-Tabs, Accordions, Sliders.

    I succeeded in finding a list of key=value pairs in your config.php file. Some of them work as written there, some of them do not. I’m also trying to cross-reference the settings that appear from your installed UTC widget to determine the correct syntax, but can’t seem to land on the right value for some of the options such as viewing the “Downloads Tags” taxonomy in Easy Digital Downloads. I’ve tried things from changing cases to adding underscores to adding/subtracting certain letters (taxonomy=”Downloads Tags”, “downloads tags”, “downloads_tags”, etc.).

    With color variation, I’ve tried using color_span_from and color_span_to as well as a variety of other options, but without success. Is there documentation and/or are there examples of the exact use of each key=value pair for shortcode use? That would be exceedingly useful.

    Thanks, Rickard, for being so generous with such a great product.

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  • Hi Dan

    I know that documentation for configuring the shortcode is really poor. As for your specific questions, the taxonomy argument should be the internal name of the taxonomy. I don’t know of a easy way to find this out, but judging from the ones you mention in your comment “downloads_tags” is the kind of name that should be used.

    To get the spanning coloring feature working, you also need to use color=”span” along with color_span_from and color_span_to.

    As of version 2.2 (I think) there’s a feature to load a saved configuration from the shortcode. You could then configure the widget using the options on the widget configuration page, go to the “Adv.” tab and save your configuration with a name. Then use load_config=”name” to load that configuration in your shortcode.

    Hope this helps!

    Rickard, using the saved configuration name under the Adv. tab as part of a shortcode inside another widget (text or WP UI, for example) worked perfectly! That’s a much easier way to define the parameters, since your widget is set up so nicely to do exactly that. Also, it seems to discover the custom taxonomies for me, so I didn’t have to sleuth for them myself.

    For anyone wanting to use Rickard’s tag cloud in another widget, page or post, here’s how you do it:

    1. Activate utcw in a sidebar and configure it the way you want your tags to appear in another widget, page or post.
    2. Test your tag cloud to see if you like your settings.
    3. Go to the “Adv.” tab within the utcw widget itself and create a name in the “Configuration name” box.
    4. Save it.
    5. Now use the [utcw load_config="yourname"] shortcode in whatever widget, page or post that accepts shortcodes!
    6. You’ll probably want to remove the utcw since you’re now using the same functionality wherever you placed the [utcw load_config="yourname"] shortcode.
    7. Buy Rickard a cup of coffee.
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