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  • I created shortcode to display a list of items stored in a custom table. Also, I have a form on the page to keep track of all of the pagination-related items in a series of hidden fields. Here is my problem, the list displays well but when I click on the next link, it triggers the javascript, but it doesn’t seem to re-post the form. I am calling document.getElementById("frmName").submit().

    I want the shortcode to post to itself but I know it is not working because I never see the value change for the hidden fields. I even tried to change the method from post to get and I did not see the querystring value from the form in the url.

    Could wordpress by blocking the form from re-posting?

    Here is my javascript code:

    function goToPage(page)
    				alert('about to start');
    				var frm = document.getElementById('frmPagination');
    				var curPage = document.getElementById('cur_page');
    				curPage.value = page;
    				alert('curPage = ' + page);
    				alert('about to submit form....');
    				alert('after submit');
    				//return true;

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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