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  • hi there,

    please excuse my horrible english, but i’am german and i learning by trying ;).
    First i want tell you, that i really enjoy nextgen basic and it works very fine on our voluntary firebrigade site (we have really a lot of pictures). But now i have a little problem and i’ll found no solution for this all-around i have looked:

    I want to place a slideshow into a footer-text-widget (the nextGEN Widget is unfortunately not the right for my solution).

    I have insert once with this shortcode

    [ slideshow id=xxx W=xxx H=xxx ]

    and that works. But i need an another effect and i don’t find the right code to overwrite the main settings. I just try it with effect= and also with effext_type= , but nothing will change the effect.

    I’ll hope there is anybody outside who can give me the one helpfull tipp…

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @dexter733 – This page may help you find the shortcode parameters you are looking for:

    But if you are still looking for an effect or parameter you see in the ATP interface (or Gallery Settings) and cannot find it on the page let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

    Just paste the “new” shortcode here if it is not working the way you want so we know what you are working with.


    – Cais.

    @ – Cais

    many thanks for your answer. Okay, i think i have more problems with the english language than i thought so i will try it once more to explain :D. I have need a view days to trying solving myself my problem with the helpfull site that you linked. But i doesn’t succeed it really.

    ATP works fine on normal sites and articles, but sometimes i’ll need slideshows in widgets and that doesn’t work with ATP (isn’t it?). And sometimes i need slideshows with several effects in the same widget or on special sites.

    I don’t need a new effect but i want to change the basic-effect parameter within a shortcode so that i can use it into a text widget. For example from the “fade” effect what is now enabled in my gallery settings to the Effect “shuffle” for the slideshow what i want to use in the widget.

    What i need is the right parameter inside the shortcode to change the used effect like [ngg_images gallery_ids=”xxx” display_photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” flash_enabled=”1″ flash_shuffle”1″] but not for the flash-slideshow rather for the normal included basic-slideshows-effects.

    Is that possible? I’ll hope that you now can understand what my really request is ;).

    Many thanks for your helpfull work!


    Do you mean that you want random images in the jquery slideshow (the non-flash slideshow)?
    [ngg_images source=”random” display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow”] in the text-widget (assuming that you already have the possibility to insert shortcode in widgets), with “enable flash slideshow” option set to No.

    Hi tizz,

    thanks for answering.

    No, i mean not a random jquery slideshow.

    I want to change the effects from the jquery slideshow within a shortcode.

    Into the gallery settings under “NextGEN Basic Slideshow” is a dropdown-field to choose 8 effects for the jquery slideshow (fade, blindX, cover, scrollUp, scrollDown, shuffle, toss and wipe).

    What i need is a code snippet for the shortcode that changed or overwrite the set value of the primary gallery effect settings.

    Just imagine i will put three slideshows in one widget and everybody from them shall be another effect showing…

    Those effects are for flash slideshow, jquery slideshow doesn’t have no effects at all, so you have to choose the flash based slideshow and include the effect as you described above.

    Are you shure that this effects only for flash slideshows? But why can i flash disable and enable into the settings?

    And why did NGG shows effects when flash is disabled?

    I have created one testsite with 8 different slideshows among the other with ATP. And i have choose for every slideshow another effect and i have in the ATP “Enable to flash slideshow” set to “no”. On this testsite every slideshow have another effect. And that works fine.

    So i thought, that this are jquery slideshows and not flash. Have i got it all wrong?

    I always used this code in my template file:

    if (function_exists("nggSlideshowWidget"))

    but this no longer seems to work since last updates.

    using the shortcode [slideshow id=xxx W=xxx H=xxx] works within the main page, but would really like to get the php code to work again.

    any suggestions ? is there a second plugin necessary now to get the widget to work ?

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