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  • Hey, the shortcode stoped working (showing blank space) when integrated in popup (using Popup Maker plugin). Please find below the answer from their support team. Is there any workaround ? if not, is there any way to integrate the solution they mention in the next release ?

    Many thanks in advance.


    Ultimately we may be at an impass. We have recently discovered that shortcodes were getting processed more than once for each popup. So forms that set the id of the form based on how many times it was rendered already no longer functioned correctly.

    This led to massive optimization of those processes.

    We have always processed shortcodes in wp_head, but up until recently those contents were ignored.

    Then shortcodes were reprocessed in the footer when the popup was rendered.

    Now we process them in the head (required for most form plugins to properly load assets), save that processed content and render it in the footer.

    What this likely means is the plugins you named are not properly registering their shortcodes in time (should be registered no later than init, though WordPress doesn’t suggest using any hook to add them, so they should be added as early as possible.

    This results in them not getting rendered.

    If you mean they render something other than [shortcode] or just emptiness, then it likely means their assets didn’t load for some reason.

    We obviously can’t leave inperformance code like that lingering, so we are not 100% what the right solution is gonna be going forward. Running it twice isn’t really an option, and some plugins refuse to work if we don’t call it in the footer only, others won’t work if we don’t call it in the head.

    One thing is we are moving everything to the new body_open hook, but this likely won’t cause shortcodes to work differently than they are already.

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  • Sorry, my mistake i meant the shortcode doesn’t work with lightweight grid columns (even it doesn’t work either the same way with yoast, copy/paste mistake…).


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