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    I recently downloaded the plugin to use on a page on my website. However, when I put the shortcode on my page, all it does is display the shortcode itself and not the movie database.

    This is the code I placed [my_mοvie_db id=332562] for the movie A Star Is Born. I have tested the default code, so if I put [my_mοvie_db], it does show the movie Paris, Texas on the page.

    Could I get some help as to what I am doing wrong?

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    Hi Igmedia,
    I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having. The new update has broken the shortcode functionality, I will try to fix this ASAP and get back to you.
    Thank you for your feedback.

    Plugin Author Kostas Stathakos


    The other day when I answered this thread, I was able to reproduce for a very brief time the shortcodes not working on the default Sample page that comes with a new wordpress installation.
    Unlike your case however, it was not working, with either – the default code as you say – [my_mοvie_db], or with an id [my_mοvie_db id=332562]. Everywhere else – on posts pages, movie and tvshow pages it was working.

    But after a few minutes it started working. I think all I did was save again after rewriting the shortcode, so I suspect it may have been an editor issue, but I cannot say for sure. Since then I cannot reproduce a failing shortcode.

    I think my comment that the shortcodes were broken was premature.

    Did you manage to make it work? I would like to be able to reproduce this so any info is appreciated.


    So here’s my experience…

    When I select a movie inside the Movie post type editor search box and insert into post, then all the meta content, poster, trailer, etc. gets inserted.

    However, in a Movie post type, manually writing a shortcode, nothing gets inserted and plain text of the shortcode appears.

    Same for inside a non-Movie post type, like a normal post.

    Is there a logging function so I can give you error reporting?

    Another bit of troubleshooting…

    I renamed my plugins folder and then made a new plugins with only My Movie Database enabled. Same results as above. Shortcodes on my site aren’t resolving to TMDB.

    Plugin Author Kostas Stathakos


    Can you try to insert a shortcode from another plugin in there as well to see if that works? Also just in case, you are entering [my_movie_db] right?

    Ok, I figured this out (and possibly the other poster that reported the shortcodes not working?)!

    When you asked if I had the right syntax, that got me thinking. On a whim, I copied the shortcode you posted last and did a browser search for that. It only found one instance on this page! But it’s been listed like four times now by me and the original poster.

    Ok… so then I copied the entire page contents and pasted into my trusty ASCII-true editor, Notepad++. It will highlight similarly selected words and yet yours and mine were not highlighted together. There is something different between them, though they look visually the same!

    So then I pasted both text versions into a ASCII-to-hex converter. And here’s what I found:

    			m  y  _  m  o  v  i  e	_  d  b
    my_movie_db		6d 79 5f 6d 6f 76 69 65 5f 64 62
    			m  y  _  m        v  i  e  _  d  b
    my_mοvie_db		6d 79 5f 6d ce bf 76 69 65 5f 64 62

    So the “o” character was totally being borked by the forum text box upon pasting (I guess?). That’s what I copied into my WordPress editor, which was not syntactically correct for your plugin, though it looked like it was to the human eyeball.

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    Plugin Author Kostas Stathakos


    Hey electrolund thank you so much for your thorough explanation (and good reflexes), it certainly explains what happened to me the other day, and most probably Igmedia’s problem as well.
    A small reminder to myself here to add your post to the FAQ section of the plugin when I create one.
    Thanks again!

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