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    I’m testing out the Optin Cat Campaign Monitor feature at http://www.raleighwoodmedia.com/straighttalkplus/ and where I’ve placed the shortcode in the homepage widget for opt-in information, I’m not seeing the opt-in box rendered… just the shortcode text itself. Any thoughts on what I’ve missed along the way?


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    By the way, I’ve added a second opt-in iteration for testing using Genesis eNews Extended below the Optin Cat version that’s just rendering the shortcode… so when you see two opt-in areas in the widget, just know that the top one that’s not working is the one in question. 🙂


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    It sounds like you are trying to use a 2 step popup in you sidebar, right?

    I would suggest using the widget layout and adding the widget in the widget area. 2 step popups were not designed to work in the sidebar, since we have the widgets.

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    I don’t know if my problem is similar:

    On the home page I’m get this error: “Optin Cat: Invalid Form ID”

    Everything looks good on the opt in form except; “Client ID”. I clicked “Where can I find my Campaign Monitor Client ID” link but it was no help.

    I’m using mailchimp and went through everything and have no idea what they are looking for?!?!


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