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  • Make sure that you add a shortcode on “HTML” tab, not on “Visual” tab.

    Thanks, but I did that since it was included in the instructions including the video. It still didn’t work.

    Possibly, WOWSlider has a conflict with your theme or plugin. You can try to use default theme and temporary disable plugins.
    Also, you can insert WOWSlider manually.

    Why are these threads marked resolved when they really aren’t? See my other post. Cmonster, are you trying to install it on a multi-site install?

    Thanks jtf1117, I was thinking the same thing about the thread being marked “RESOLVED.” I hate to think that it meant that support has resolved themselves of the issue.

    Anyway, I’ll check your thread and no, I’m not even attempting a multi-site install. All I know is that it worked without using any workaround with earlier versions of the plugin. I’ve read that there has been a bit of contention depending on the plugin version and PC version.

    Perhaps the solution is to find a way to revert back to older versions of the plugin/program.

    I am not sure if I had the same problem. The shortcode didn’t work, however the php insert code works. I used “Shortcode Exec PHP” plugin to add the php insert code e.g. wowslider(2); (instead of shortcode [wowslider id="2"]). I then use the shortcode from Shortcode Exec PHP in the post/page.

    So the shortcode function within wowslider is no longer a standard, that the way to make shortcodes work is to use a secondary plugin?

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    Shortcode works correctly with pages and posts. PHP code is for templates and widgets.
    You can send us generated module, so we can check it.

    For me the short codes aren’t working. It just displasy as it is on the page.

    Out of curiosity, can anyone get the demo that’s included with the program to display on their site using the shortcode?

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    1) Make sure that you add a shortcode at “HTML” tab, not at “Visual” tab.
    2) Shortcode will work with pages and posts only. If you use widget or template you need WOWSlider PHP code.
    3) If problem will persist, possibly WOWSlider has a conflict with your theme or plugin. You can try to use default theme and temporary disable plugins.
    Also, you can insert WOWSlider manually.
    Instruction here

    I’ve heard that the demo slider is working for people who upgraded to version 2.7 without having changed anything on their site.

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    You can try to use v.2.7 too. If you’re licensed user, please contact with customer support to get a license information. Or you can download Free version 2.7 on our website and try it.

    It’s interesting that I had tried 2.7 and it didn’t work either but when 2.7.1 came out, people said that it worked so I upgraded. The demo slideshow started working again so I tried uploading a new one and got the infamous “wrong file” error.

    Remembering reading past posts of other people began having comparability problems with the slider creation program when the Wowslider plugin was updated. Basically, whenever there’s a new plugin version released, make sure that there’s a levelset slider creation program to go along with it.
    I upgraded the creation program an was able to upload a slider that worked! Didn’t need to change anything on the site either!

    That lasted about a day and a half. The site is now saying that there’s an upgrade to the Wowslider program available; version 2.7, it says that I’m running version 2.5! Wait, I just updated it to 2.7! I now remember that the last time that I can remember running the plugin without problems was when I installed version 2.5 about a couple of weeks before upgrading to 2.6.

    So here I am concerned about trusting the what lies in the upgrade.

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    You can see v.2.5 of plugin, if you added generated with WOWSlider modules using Plugins->Add new. Actually, we updates PLUGIN only, not desktop software. We’ll update it in the next version. So, you should:
    * Download the latest version 2.7 of WOWSlider plugin on WordPress site;
    * Install and activate it as WordPress plugin;
    * Add new sliders using WOW Slider -> Add New (not Plugins->Add new!).

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