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    If you are using the free version of the Booking Calendar, you can use just this simple shortcode in your posts and pages:

    for premium version please?

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    you can use the booking shortcode by typing it manually into the post or page:

    [booking type=222 nummonths=1]

    where parameters:

    type – ID of the Booking resources (you can check it at the Booking > Resources page).
    nummonths – number of visible months in calendar.



    I’m still have the same problem, though I can clealy see the button, it just doesn’t work. I’m aware, it must be due to some JS issues, but I have no clue how to fix them. My Chrome Resources Panel shows me, that I have two load-scripts.php files (all in wp-admin folder) and one of them constantly generates errors like

    Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘close’

    . It comes strait before JQuery.noConflict(); The only differance both files are showing is a jQuery version: troublesome one is a v1.8.3 and the “humble” one jQuery UI is v1.9.2. Maybe I’m missing two different things. I couldn’t “google” the solution for this problem anyway. Simply, adding ?> at the end of functions.php file doesn’t help. Manually inserting the booking shortcode is certainly a remedy, but I want to fix the problem once and for all. I have disabled all my extensions, changed the theme (even though I’m using the standart one). Nothing helps. Funny enough the shortcode button in a free version works like charm. Any word of advice on how I can fix this perky JS annoyance?
    Thank you in anvance for words of wizdom!

    Hello, Im having a similar problem. Im not able to find the short code, nor do I know where to put it? I would like to insert it on a page on my wordpress website, but not able to insert a code that works. I tried the options you listed above but when I preview the site Im seeing the actual code wording and not the actual plugin. Please Help!!!

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    1) You can check how to insert the booking shortcodes here or how manually enter it here
    2) Please recheck your page for the any JavaScript errors, if the errors are exist, please fix them.
    If you are still will have this issue, please try to deactivate one by one your active plugins and recheck if its help or not. If its not help, please try to deactivate the actual them and activate the default wordpress theme. Need to find the reason why the calendar is not showing.
    3) Please recheck the header.php file from your actual theme.

    this file have to have this code:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    before this:


    Its standard rule for the themes.
    4) If you are still will have this issue, please send the link to the page with that booking form.

    I fixed it before you responded, but thanks anyway. I have two other questions. I want to be able to show/hide my actual appointments like name/ location, etc on my calendar, is this possible? I have a food truck business and I want my customers to know where I will be stationed, but I also want to be able to have customers book me for events as well, where maybe that can I can block off so other people don’t see their personal information….? Is this possible? Also those who do book me, I want to be able to charge the $100 deposit via paypal, is this possible as well? Thanks.

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    1) Unfortunately, the showing that booking info in calendar at the front-end side of your website is not possible in the actual versions. Sorry.
    2) The possibility to pay the deposit is available in the Booking Calendar Business Medium version and higher versions of the Booking Calendar. Please note, its possible to activate the payment deposit or full cost for the specific booking resource in the admin panel (at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page). But the visitor can not select to pay deposit or full cost. So only administrator can define in admin panel to show in the payment form the full cost or deposit cost. Please retest it at the live demos.

    P.S. Please post the questions about the paid versions of booking calendar at the plugin website at the support section here
    Thank you.

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