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  • I created a plugin and widget for adding downloads to your theme, and the shortcode button can’t work properly:

    The scenario:

    You select some text in visual view and click the shortcode button. The selection gets processed and some content is returned in its place.

    The issue:

    When just one simple link is selected, the shortcode replaces the ANCHOR text only. So the WHOLE returned text (it could be a WHOLE table) ends up appearing inside A BIG LINK.


    Having selected Anchor Text in visual view, which is
    <a>Anchor Text</a>

    whether shortcode returns
    'before ' . $content . ' after'

    returned text is:
    <a>before Anchor Text after</a>

    Is there a way to tell wordpress to grab further than the anchor text? (in html view the button won’t make sense, since it’s for html dummies.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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