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  • The plugin says don’t use xxxx shortcode until you add the Start point, but once you do, the warning message disappears and the shortcode along with it, can’t find it on any of the pages, no special button in the visual editor, not in the little blurb on the plugins page, not listed in the plugins WP home page.
    Are you trying to confuse people or just piss them off ?

    Why is that warning message even say that ? what happens if you add the shortcode before you set a start point ?

    I would have given this a 1 star if you didn’t include a hard to find link to the Documentation, where i finally managed to find the damned shortcode.

    Also right after installing i get error messages (Oops something went wrong), can’t even add the start point, no explanation why, i almost didn’t even bother putting in those damned API keys because of that, i was sure the plugin was broken. But thankfully adding the API keys fixed it.
    That’s not how you start of a new user of your plugin.
    Ever heard of first impressions ?
    I’m pretty sure most people would look for a new plugin after this kind of crap.

    I see you’re good at warning messages so how about you add a notification message (maybe in blue) saying what shortcode to use and where.

    Looks like a complex plugin, lots of settings anyway, hard to make i’m sure, but you can’t find a simple and easy way to tell people how to actually put it to use ?
    That “easy to use” bit in the description is not true.

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  • Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Thanks for the feedback.

    I agree a few things could be clearer, but the first item in the FAQ tells you about the shortcode, and the oops something went wrong error ( I didn’t chose those words, Google did ). The documentation ( link to from the description page from the WP site ), has a Getting Started section that walks your through the shortcodes, and all the available options.

    Google made the API Keys a requirement, not me, and yes, it sucks, but I don’t control that other then telling people to set the API key.

    Wow I think that is a pretty useless review.

    If you take the time to read the documentation and FAQ’s you might find this plugin is one of the easiest to use and customize. the use of shortcodes and filters with plenty of examples in the documentation means even someone with little coding experience can significantly customize this plugin

    And who starts to use a geo location plugin without first doing the research and seeing that google requires the api key (and and ssl cert for geo to work on chrome)

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