• Hi, I just installed your plugin on my site yesterday and it’s really great.

    Only problem I’m having is that despite having configured the Google API key correctly for the “goo.gl” Short URLs, the plugin doesn’t seem to be generating them for my posts.

    I know it said that it’s a background process and can take up to 1 hour for new post, and up to 12 hours for old posts, but so far its been over 24 hours, and none of my posts, old or new, have the short URLs in them when clicking the “Tweet” button.

    Any advice?

    Thank you!

    UPDATE – Problem solved! See last message.

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    I know for a fact the API key is correct as I have another plugin that also uses URL shortening and when tested with that plugin, it worked.

    By the way where are the shortened URLs saved? Is it possible that if I cleared my WordPress cache (W3TC), that the short URLs were also cleared and need to be re-generated? It probably doesn’t work that way, but just asking to be sure…

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    Oops… I think I know what the problem MIGHT have been! I double checked and noticed that there was an extra blank space (” “) in the Google API key which I pasted into the form field of MashShare’s settings.

    I corrected it and saved the settings… guess I’ll have to wait 1-12 hours now to find out if that was the problem 🙂

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    Okay, I withdraw my question! It was indeed the white space at the beginning of the API key which was the culprit. URL shortening works as expected now 🙂

    Just as a suggestion perhaps you could add a left/right white-space trimming function to the API key fields. Thanks! 🙂

    Thats a good suggestion:)

    I am happy to hear that its working now

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