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  • Hi,
    I have recently converted a site to a new theme and host. During the conversion I brought over the data and files just fine. But some of the content has short codes wrapped around words that are related to the particular topic.

    For instance, if you look up ENZYMES on the site you will find this within the content of the topic…[topic]Diastatic Malt[/topic] and [topic]amylase[/topic]. Diastatic Malt and amylase are supposed to be dynamically hyperlinked to their particular post or page within the site.

    I am not even sure I have the correct terminology here but I am looking for some help/advice on what to look for in the site in terms of plugins to setup or even back end code that may support this.

    I have searched in the old sites code for add_shortcode( ‘topic’, ‘some_func’ ); to no avail. I have also searched for a plugin that might have been installed but have had no luck.


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  • That shortcode is not part of WordPress by default, so it would seem that you were using some kind of plugin in your old site that handled this shortcode.

    That shortcode had to be registered either in your old theme or a plugin. Check the functions.php of your previous theme.


    Yes I believe you are correct. So it is a short code that is good to know.

    So the issue I have is that I can’t figure out what plugin it is and I can’t find the backend code that supports this. So what now?

    I am looking for some advice on how to fix this with a new plugin, a tutorial, etc.


    Are you using the same theme as you used on the old site?

    Craig thanks I will check.

    esmi no I am using a new theme.

    So I have checked the entire site for add_shortcode( ‘topic’, ‘some_func’ );, topic, ‘topic’, and [topic]. Nothing comes up in the searches that I do through notepad++, dreamweaver, or eye balling it.

    Do either of you know of a good tutorial or help topic that I can reference on this subject?

    You need to be looking in your old theme and plugins.

    esmi Yes that is what I did.

    If you activate your old theme – Do the shortcodes start working again?

    Good question Craig. I just activated the theme and it turns out the short codes were never activated. The last developer must have tried adding short codes but gave up and left these in.

    The owner of the site wants me to implement them. So I have been reading up on how to do this but have not found a good resource.

    Any ideas?

    The codex has all the information you should need to create a custom shortcode – I’d be happy to help if you get stuck.

    Thanks Craig. Yes I may need some assistance because I did read through the API doc but was unsure how to implement it when the short codes already existed in the content.

    I was confused on how wordpress would know how to link everything together. I will read through it again and let you know how it goes.


    Creating a custom shortcode requires some PHP knowledge and should be either in your theme or child theme’s functions.php or as a plugin.

    Yeah I can work with the php and follow it pretty well now. I am a C# developer by trade.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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