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  • At first I thought the short code on one of my plugin applications not working all of a sudden was specific to that plugin, but now I believe it has to do with this Bootstrap theme itself.

    I just installed another very simple plugin that uses simple short codes and I’m getting the same behaviour with this new plugin.

    Adding a short code to the page messes up the display of the page for some reason.

    Either the page does not display at all (with the short code included) or the form that the short code should insert does not display or does not display properly (just produces junk).

    I see updates for WordPress itself (I’m on 3.5.1 now) and updates for all my other plugins show up within days of a WordPress update, but I hardly ever see an update for this Bootstrap theme…. If the Bootstrap theme never gets updated, of course things are going to break eventually.

    You can see what I’m talking about here: that “buy now” text in the middle of the page should be a big table…not just some text garbage. It was working fine a month ago.

    Then I just installed another plugin called WP Easy Digital Downloads and it’s the same thing. None of the short codes inserted into a page are working on this Bootstrap theme (page is not displaying with the short code inserted).

    Does anyone have suggestions to fix my Bootstrap theme so I can get the short codes working on my site again.


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  • I have several plugins that use shortcodes (WooCommerce, a FAQ plugin, etc.). They work fine for me. (Except WooCommerce requires a lot of work to fit into a Twitter Bootstrap style, but I think that will be true of any full-featured eCommerce plugin.)

    To be sure, I installed Easy Digital Downloads from (since you mentioned that plugin specifically).

    Then I created a page and put the [downloads] shortcode on it. Viewed the page and it said, “No Downloads found.” That made sense. I hadn’t added any. So I added a download. Refreshed the page. It showed my download. I put some text in front of and after the shortcode. Refreshed the page. Everything still worked.

    Based on that test, I’m going to suggest that something besides the-bootstrap is causing your shortcodes to fail. Perhaps one of your other plugins or some theme customization you did.

    Your statements about update cycles are incorrect. Plugins and themes (should) update when they need to fix a bug or provide new features, not with every minor release of WP. Based on information in the plugin library and the plugin stylesheets linked in your page source, several of your plugins did NOT update with the 3.5.1 release (Jan 24, 2013), several didn’t update for 3.5 either (Dec 11, 2012). For comparison, the-bootstrap was last updated on Dec 22, 2012, according to the theme library.

    To properly diagnose your problem, start by turning off all your plugins but one that is uses shortcodes and is failing. Test that plugin alone. If it doesn’t work, you may have something wrong in your custom page templates and other theme customizations. In that case, switch from your child theme to the main the-bootstrap theme and test the plugin. If that doesn’t work, your base the-bootstrap has probably been modified, in which case you should test with the clean parent theme. Once you have the first plugin working with a shortcode, start activating plugins one at a time to see which one breaks the shortcodes. If you don’t have a test site, but you may want to set up a copy of your site using something like XAMPP so you aren’t testing in production.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you for the reply jmjf. Appreciated.

    I understand all you said, I’ve had problems with this Bootstrap theme during updates before (the Bootstrap menus stopped working after WP 3.5 update for example and several users had to point out the issue. That Boostrap update just before the holidays at the end of December was supposed to fix, but I still don’t like how the menus work on Bootstrap) so my confidence in the Bootstrap theme is not great.

    And right when I started using Bootstrap something got completely corrupted on my previous install of the Bootstrap theme (media library got all messed up, pictures were not showing properly. No one had any solutions to fix on the forum) and I could not fix, so I had to re-build the entire site from scratch. I decided to give Bootstrap one more chance, but vowed any more problems with the theme and it was probably better use of my time to move to another theme (for example, I don’t see the frequency of updates on Bootstrap come by that I see on other themes. Can’t understand why that is). Things were going OK on my site for two months since the full re-build (second install of Bootstrap) until this last week.

    I don’t need to uninstall all the plugins as a week ago everything on my site was perfect. I notice it’s always the offered solution to uninstall every plugin for some reason on these forums. But in this case I can’t see what un-installing all the plugins that worked fine a week ago will get me for the time spent. The only thing that I know that has changed in the last week or so is WP had a release to 3.5.1 and a couple of plugins had updates.

    Now two plugins I’ve noticed short-code issues on. The 1 existing plugin that was working fine for months I noticed earlier this week started giving problems and not showing the short-code form properly.

    The only reason I installed the Easy Digital Downloads was to see if the same issue short code issue happened and sure enough it did. Which leads me to deduce it’s either a Bootstrap theme issue and/or WP 3.5.1 issue or a combination of Bootstrap and WP 3.5.1 impacting my short codes.

    I’ll wait and see if any other solutions come by to get the short-codes working again on my site. If I have to un-install all the plugins to get the short codes to work, I’m just going to go all the way and move to another theme and do everything once so I hopefully don’t have to encounter a major problem every few months. I have an old site that I have for years on the Suffusion theme and I never had an issue with it. Everything always just worked or if there was an issue, it was a simple configuration issue I could figure out on my own. On this site I just wanted to use a “responsive” theme as I know many people use smartphones and tablets. But now I’m second guessing that decision to go with these newer themes as they seem to have some issues.

    I have notes into the the two makers of the plugins (the two plugins that I’ve noticed the short code issues) on their support forums to let them know the short codes on my site are not working and that I’m using WP 3.5.1 and the Bootstrap theme. Hopefully they can offer some fixes.

    Thanks for the help. Appreciated.

    Not sure if anyone responsible for the Boostrap theme has had a chance to look at this yet. But I’ve been working with the people responsible for the WP Easy Digital Download plugin (EDD plugin) and they asked me to try a different theme to help them isolate the issue.

    I switched my theme in preview mode to the “Responsive” theme and the EDD plugin worked just fine. I have some more testing to do to make sure all is OK using the Responsive theme, but right now everything points to an issue with the Bootstrap theme and/or WP 3.5.1. and short codes on certain plugins not playing nice with each other.

    For now, the simplest thing for me to resolve the issue is to abandon the Bootstrap theme and go with one of the more basic WP themes such as Responsive, etc.

    I’d like to get the issues I’m encountering with Bootstrap and the EDD plugin and it’s short codes worked out, so let me know if someone working on the Bootstrap theme has some time to look into it.


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