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  • Guess the sheet of short codes and the import/export functions were not very important as they seem to have disappeared in V3. This is what happens when a nice functional tabbed GUI like in is chopped up into small pieces in upgrades. Must be a correctible oversight.

    From all the more important problems I see on the forum, this will probably not be a priority. Glad I did not switch to V3 on my production site.

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    Hello @flyfisher. We did move them but now they are included in the post and page editor so you no longer need to copy and paste.

    Hope that helps!

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    so the import and export of the marketpress products database is in the edit function. I don’t think so. I see the php page in the files but not any access to it in the GUI. Like I said take a nice tabbed GUI where it is easy to find things and cut it up into hard to find and use pieces is the millenial way. Marketpress is just another ruined piece of software and the 30 some pages of problems with V3 just support my claim.

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    Hello @flyfisher842,

    I think there is misunderstanding here and I apologize for that.

    Josh was only pointing that shortcodes are in Editor – Import/Export feature is not available right now. But to import/export you can use plugins like that one

    I’m sorry you feel that way about MarketPress – but I will pass your opinion to our developer because it will help to improve our plugin.

    kind regards,

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    The reason I fell this way is was easy to find your way thru the interface. It was all off one icon and tabbed. Easy Peasy. It worked really well too. It worked with every theme I tried it with including Clean Retina. V3 will not work with Clean Retina because it won’t show the product view in grid style. Wpdev says the theme is at fault and I say V3 is the problem because worked just fine. I don’t have the desire or time to want to fix either the plugin or the theme.

    Along comes v3 which is your old pro marketpress revised to be a bit more fancy. The interface is split up meaning more clicks to find things. It is hard to use, the ability to edit products by category via the easy to use dropdown selection box and filter is gone. The reason this was nice was it would show a nice over view of the categories in category order. The new version shows in default wordpress view which if it can be ordered in cat number order I don’t know how to do it. Selection by clicking on the wp cat title works ok but again more clicks and time consumed.

    Without the ability to import and export products to the db easily, the plugin is not worth much. I have tried the plugins you suggest and wp-csv which I did use with v2.9.5.6. None of these are easy to use and if you export from them with a db of products, you will see why. Some of the columns for doing variable product are immensely confusing.

    Basically IMO if had the calculated shipping options added to it, the additional payment options and the full import and export capability using your templates, I and probably most of the rest of the users would have been happy. It especially bothers me to see things like V3 destroyed my shop, Help and no adequate responses from WPMU.

    It is obvious from looking at the full boat of WPMU plugins that WPMU has gotten on board the WooCommerce train which is probably part of the V3 decision.

    WooCommerce may still be the biggie in WP eCommerce plugins but 200 dollars for import export module and the many other dings they charge for make it cost prohibitive IMO.

    I may switch to Shopify because I can build a shop and integrate it with wordpress and only pay fees not have to fight the formmatting of csv sheets so much.

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